Shirl rio grande headshotHi, I’m Shirl Sazynski.

I practice and teach the ancient Norse shamanic art of seidhr, performing a variety of services as a priestess, oracle and consultant on trance work, supernatural phenomena and mythology. My clients include business owners, real estate agents, therapists, creatives and individuals. I speak at conferences around the US.

As a seidhkona, a seer seeking wisdom, I wander the woods, caverns and wilds of the spirit world, and have been doing this for over a decade, taught by the God Odin and spirits I encounter. I also worship the Gods of my Slavic, Norse and Celtic ancestors, who instill a deep sense of ethics and love for humanity in me. So I practice a modern form of the indigenous faith of Northern Europe known in various regions as Heathenry, Rodnovery, Forn Sidr and Asatru– sometimes simply “The Old Way”.

Outside of Staff and Cup, I write a column and blog about shamanism, my close relationship with my God, spouse (it’s a priestly tradition), and teacher Odin, and ethical lessons drawn from Norse and Slavic mythology for Witches and Pagans magazine (One-Eyed Cat). You can also meet me at Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium (Albuquerque) during monthly workshops and weekly readings.

Questions? To request a workshop, reading, consultation or other services, please contact me here or e-mail me at staffandcup[at]gmail[dot]com.