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How to Perform Divination Witches and Pagans #33, Winter 2016.

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Hi, I'm Shirl Sazynski.

I'm an oracle - I actively consult the Gods and spirits during tarot card readings and other fortune-telling, relaying direct messages from them. You can ask questions with me at live events or by skype and e-mail. I am also an expert in the ancient Norse magical priestly art of seidhr, teaching workshops around the US, writing, painting icons inspired by my visions, and working as a priestess and consultant on trance work.

As a seidhkona, a seer seeking wisdom, I wander the woods and wilds of the spirit world, and have been doing this for about fifteen years, taught by the God Odin and spirits I encounter. I also worship the Gods of my Slavic, Norse and Celtic ancestors, who instill a deep sense of ethics and love for humanity in me. So I practice a modern form of the indigenous faith of Northern Europe known in various regions as Heathenry, Forn Sed, Druidry and Asatru-- sometimes simply "The Old Way".

Outside of Staff and Cup, I write a column and blog about my close relationship with my God and teacher Odin, and ethical lessons drawn from Norse and Slavic mythology for Witches and Pagans magazine (One-Eyed Cat).

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Please contact me at: staffandcup[at]gmail[dot]com.

(650) 731-2864