Seeking insight on your life? Using the ancient art of divination, I relay direct messages from the Gods and spirits, who have your best interests at heart. Together, through tea-leaf readings and consulting the tarot, we seek guidance for your happiness and spiritual growth.

Divination is the oldest known and most powerful form of fortune-telling, traditionally practiced by ancient pagan priests. It can focus on an immediate issue or paint a bigger picture, depending on your life’s story and needs. It’s very effective for forecasting outcomes, getting to the roots of a matter, and providing wisdom on a wide range of questions.

You can request two types of readings from me:

I want to help you create your life story with passion, beauty and radiant potential– and look forward to assisting you with kind, straight-forward counsel. Thank you for your trust.

To request a reading or book an event, please e-mail me at staffandcup@gmail.com.