Shirl rio grande headshotHi, I’m Shirl Sazynski.

I practice and teach the ancient Norse shamanic art of seidhr, performing a variety of services as a priestess, oracle and consultant on trance work, supernatural phenomena and mythology. My clients include business owners, real estate agents, therapists, creatives and individuals. I speak at conferences around the US.

As a seidhkona, a seer seeking wisdom, I wander the woods, caverns and wilds of the spirit world, and have been doing this for over a decade, taught by the God Odin and spirits I encounter. I also worship the Gods of my Slavic, Norse and Celtic ancestors, who instill a deep sense of ethics and love for humanity in me. So I practice a modern form of the indigenous faith of Northern Europe known in various regions as Heathenry, Rodnovery, Forn Sidr and Asatru– sometimes simply “The Old Way”.

Outside of Staff and Cup, I write a forthcoming column and blog about shamanism, my close relationship with my God, spouse, and teacher Odin, and ethical lessons drawn from Norse and Slavic mythology for Witches and Pagans magazine (One-Eyed Cat). You can also meet me at Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium (Albuquerque) during monthly workshops and weekly readings.

Questions? To request a workshop, reading, consultation or other services, please contact me here or e-mail me at staffandcup[at]gmail[dot]com.