Blessing the play house at Erda Gardens Biodynamic farm, Albuquerque, NM

As a seer seeking wisdom, I wander the woods and wilds of the spirit realm, painting and writing about my experiences. Most of all, I want to share the love and beauty I’ve experienced, building bridges of trust between the realms.

My “One-Eyed Cat” column on safer seidhr practice has run in Witches and Pagans since 2015; my PaganSquare blog, since 2013. Other work has been published in multiple books from polytheist press Bibliotheca Alexandrina and journals and websites devoted to pagan spirituality: Sacred Hoop, IdunnaEternal Haunted Summer, Oak Leaves (the journal of Ár nDraíocht Féin:A Druid Fellowship) and Odin’s Gift. I also wrote a supernatural-themed video game (VIE), with illustrated stories and poems in several issues of the literary magazines Mythic Delirium, Jabberwocky, New Realm and Mirror Dance, and received a Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror award.

I have taught workshops at regional moots, for the Mythopaoic Society‘s international conference and at PantheaCon, written liturgy, and led rituals for ADF Druidry, Unitarian Universalist CUUPS and Heathen groups. In the wider world, I teach art, writing and intuitive creativity to all ages, with a B.A. in Storytelling Through the Arts from Hollins University.

About the Name:

The staff and cup come from two traditions: the suits of courageous fire and loving water in the tarot, and the ways of my Northern European ancestors. Offering a sothing cup of ale or wine to travelers was a traditional sign of welcome and friendship in Slavic and Norse lands. Wandering holy women known as seidhkona and volva carried a staff as a sign of their office. I continue their tradition by teaching and consulting the Gods and kindly spirits who taught me these magical arts.

My teacher Odin, the Norse God of inspiration, wisdom and magic, carries a staff or spear, and guides many of my readings. A cup or bowl is also the symbol of Sigyn, Goddess of loyalty, faith and devotion (pictured on the banner above).